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Everyplate.ph is a highly recommended e-shop for those looking for affordable and convenient meal kit delivery services. The website offers a wide variety of delicious recipes to choose from, with fresh ingredients delivered right to your doorstep. The user-friendly platform makes it easy to select meals, customize your order, and track deliveries. With competitive pricing and high-quality ingredients, Everyplate.ph is a top choice for busy individuals and families looking to enjoy home-cooked meals without the hassle of grocery shopping.


As an independent reviewer, I had the pleasure of trying out Everyplate.ph, an E-shop that offers a wide variety of products for online shoppers. I must say, I was thoroughly impressed by the quality and variety of products available on their website. From groceries to household items, Everyplate.ph has everything you need to make your online shopping experience convenient and enjoyable. The website is easy to navigate, with a user-friendly interface that makes finding and purchasing products a breeze. I especially appreciated the detailed product descriptions and images, which helped me make informed decisions about my purchases. The checkout process was seamless, and my order arrived promptly and in perfect condition. One thing that stood out to me about Everyplate.ph was their commitment to customer satisfaction. I had a question about one of the products I ordered, and their customer service team was quick to respond and provided me with all the information I needed. It’s clear that Everyplate.ph values their customers and goes above and beyond to ensure a positive shopping experience. Overall, I highly recommend Everyplate.ph to anyone looking for a reliable and convenient online shopping destination. With their wide selection of products, user-friendly website, and top-notch customer service, Everyplate.ph has earned a loyal customer in me. I will definitely be shopping with them again in the future.


Everyplate is a meal kit delivery service that offers affordable and convenient meal options for customers. They provide a variety of recipes to choose from each week, with pre-portioned ingredients delivered to your doorstep. With a focus on simplicity and cost-effectiveness, Everyplate aims to make home cooking accessible to everyone. Their meals are easy to prepare and delicious, making it a popular choice for busy individuals and families looking for a convenient meal solution.


Everyplate 1025 Post & Paddock Rd, Grand Prairie, TX 75050, USA
+1 973-210-4915


    • ✅Affordable meal kits that fit any budget
    • ✅Convenient delivery options for busy schedules
    • ✅Flexible subscription plans to suit individual needs
    • ✅Wide variety of delicious recipes to choose from
    • ✅Fresh ingredients sourced from local suppliers


    • ❌The meal options can be limited, especially for those with dietary restrictions or preferences.
    • ❌The delivery times can be inconsistent, leading to meals arriving late or early.
    • ❌Some customers have reported receiving spoiled or expired ingredients.
    • ❌The portion sizes may be smaller than expected, leaving some customers feeling unsatisfied.
    • ❌Customer service can be slow to respond to inquiries or issues.


    The worst food prep box ever! I was ordering from every plate for a few months until the last 3 boxes came all cut up and the food inside was ruined.. look that chicken looks cooked And the beef next to the chicken doesn’t look like you wanna eat it. oh if you didn’t know hello fresh is owned through every plate. I’m currently trying dinnerly which is cheaper and better in food quality and shipping!

    Za F

    The idea is great for when you don’t have time to plan meals or you are just starting to learn how to cook, but the quality of the food is terrible and the consistency of deliveries is very off. I’ve had rubbery veggies, the meat cuts are bottom of the barrel quality, missing ingredients, wrong ingredients…etc You can change the day of the delivery to have FedEx deliver instead of UPS, but they will change it up and not inform you. I’ve had it switched to UPS without my knowledge and it was actually delivered a day early, but the ice packs were completely melted and the food had all gone warm. I’ve had the delivery not show and you don’t get a replacement, you just get a refund and have to wait for the next week’s meals. Not a big deal if you can get to the store or have a backup, but that wasn’t always the case for me. Over the course of my entire relationship with EveryPlate, I’ve purchased somewhere north of 50 boxes and have had to call in with an issue for more than 40 of those boxes. We finally gave up and switched to Dinnerly. It has much better quality and so far we have had not a single issue. It’s definitely been worth it just for the lack of stress compared to EveryPlate.

    Jessica H

    Will never… I wanted to see what you are about. I wanted to see what meals you offered. But instead y’all just take money from my account without having placed an order. Maybe allow what products you sell to be viewed before making people add their payment information. I never selected my meals on the order but was charged for the order which makes no sense. 1st customer service guy says he can’t refund me but the 2nd one does. This is not a good first experience at all

    Samantha Wilderspin

    This was a terrible experience for me. First off I looked at the meals available and nothing seemed to grab my interest. But went ahead and ordered it. They charged me twice (only $39) order came and I was disappointed before I open the box. Box was damaged and wet on the bottom managed to get it inside. Produce was rubbery and just thrown in a box with all the other stuff. Recipes we’re wet and stuck together. Don’t waste your time with this company.

    Sandra Christensen

    I had a terrible experience with this service. I bought the service and was told I would get a delivery 11/18. Within 2 hours got an e-mail saying my delivery date had been changed to 11/22 – contacted support immediately. EveryPlate reassured me that it would be fixed and that my box would arrive 11/18 “This isn’t how we want to treat a first-time customer”. On delivery date my food did not arrive and support told me 11/22 delivery date and called me by my incorrect name multiple times. Agent stated he would refund me and that my box would still be delivered on 11/22 for my inconvenience. On 11/22 no box arrived and support said I got a refund so no box was coming! They reassured me I would get a free box on 12/02 delivery and it charged my card for $98 instead!!! WORST SERVICE EVER!

    Taylor Sears


    How does Everyplate.ph ensure the freshness of their ingredients?

    Everyplate.ph sources their ingredients directly from local suppliers and ensures that they are delivered to customers in refrigerated packaging to maintain freshness.

    Can customers customize their meal plans on Everyplate.ph?

    Yes, customers have the option to choose from a variety of recipes each week and can also customize their meal plans based on dietary preferences or restrictions.

    What is the average delivery time for orders placed on Everyplate.ph?

    Orders placed on Everyplate.ph are typically delivered within 1-2 days, depending on the customer’s location and chosen delivery schedule.

    Are the recipes on Everyplate.ph easy to follow for beginners in cooking?

    Yes, Everyplate.ph offers simple and easy-to-follow recipes that are suitable for beginners in cooking, with step-by-step instructions and pre-portioned ingredients.

    How does Everyplate.ph compare to other meal kit delivery services in terms of pricing?

    Everyplate.ph offers affordable meal kits with competitive pricing compared to other meal kit delivery services, making it a cost-effective option for customers looking to save money on their weekly meals.

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