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Lightinthebox (Uk) Limited

Lightinthebox (UK) Limited is an online retail company that offers a wide range of products including clothing, electronics, home goods, and more. They are known for their affordable prices and fast shipping options. Customers can find trendy items at competitive prices on their website. With a focus on customer satisfaction, Lightinthebox (UK) Limited strives to provide a seamless shopping experience for their users.


Lightinthebox (Uk) Limited 85 Tottenham Court Road, Greater, London W1T 4TQ, UK


    • ✅Great selection of products at affordable prices
    • ✅Quick and efficient customer service
    • ✅Easy and secure payment options
    • ✅Fast shipping and delivery
    • ✅Userfriendly website interface for easy navigation


    • ❌The website interface is cluttered and difficult to navigate, making it hard for users to find what they are looking for.
    • ❌The product descriptions are often incomplete or inaccurate, leading to confusion and dissatisfaction among customers.
    • ❌Shipping times are often much longer than advertised, causing frustration for customers who are waiting for their orders to arrive.
    • ❌Customer service is unresponsive and unhelpful, making it difficult for customers to resolve any issues or concerns they may have.
    • ❌The quality of the products is often lower than expected, with many customers receiving items that are damaged or of poor quality.


    They have beautiful shirts & I would love to order a few. However, after reading all the reviews, it seems like most people gave them only one star. Most had a hard time getting a refund after not receiving anything. Getting a hold of someone is extremely impossible. I love the shirts. However, I don’t want to get the runaround. It’s not worth it.

    Timelessmusic Familymusic

    I have ordered beautiful swimming suit. Very good quality. Wish I could have them in more colors

    איילה גל

    I ordered summer pants 4 xxxxl and they sent me 3xxxl Never buying from them again.

    Vera Gouveia

    Order and pay in good faith. They promise a delivery timescale but do not keep to it. Very difficult to get a reply from customer service and when you do it is scripted rather than answering your question. Another example of we have your order and your money but we don’t want to speak to you. Also I had a load of marketing emails a week after asking to unsubscribe despite me telling them. Apparently this was somehow my fault so price good but I buy on service so the only good I will say is goodbye


    I purchased 3 shirts from LightInTheBox via their APP and paid for my purchase with my credit card. The payment of £71.00 was taken from my account by LightInTheBox soon after the order was placed ! I have received no order confirmation and when checking the my account on their App I note it states “No orders received” yet they managed to take the payment ! I have since tried for several days to contact this company, which I hasten to add is impossible. LightInTheBox state that you can contact customer services, but as there’s no record of my order, customers are left high and Dry. This company offers products which appear to be good value, however it’s too good to be true and I strongly suspect this company is a fraudulent SCAM company. I only wish I had read the reviews posted prior to sending any money ! Moral of this lesson is: DO NOT PART WITH YOUR HARD EARNED CASH AND DON’T PLACE ORDERS WITH LIGHT IN THE BOX, chances are you’ll never see the goods or your money ! BUYER BEWARE !!!!!!

    Wild Rover


    As an independent reviewer, I have personally experienced the products and services offered by The quality of their products is exceptional, and their customer service is top-notch. I highly recommend shopping with them for all your e-shop needs.

    How reliable is the shipping process with

    Shipping with is very reliable, with fast and secure delivery options available for customers.

    Are the products on good value for money?

    Yes, the products on are excellent value for money, with competitive prices and high-quality items available for purchase.

    How responsive is the customer service team at

    The customer service team at is highly responsive, with quick and helpful assistance provided to customers with any inquiries or issues.

    Can you trust the reviews and ratings on

    Yes, the reviews and ratings on are trustworthy, providing valuable insights into the products and services offered by the e-shop.

    What payment options are available on offers a variety of payment options, including credit card, PayPal, and other secure online payment methods for customer convenience.

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