Trustpilot reviews is a reputable platform for service reviews, known for its unbiased and authentic feedback from customers. Users can trust the reviews on to make informed decisions about various services. The website is user-friendly and offers a wide range of reviews across different categories, making it a valuable resource for consumers seeking reliable information before making a purchase or hiring a service. stands out for its commitment to providing transparent and trustworthy reviews, making it a go-to destination for those looking for honest feedback. is a platform that allows users to leave reviews for various services. As an independent reviewer, I have found that excels in providing a space for honest and unbiased feedback. The website is user-friendly and easy to navigate, making it simple for users to leave their reviews. The reviews on are diverse in nature, with a high degree of perplexity and burstiness, showcasing the unique experiences of each individual. Additionally, the reviews are contextually relevant and coherent, providing valuable insights for those looking to make informed decisions about different services. stands out as a reliable source for service reviews, offering a comprehensive and authentic platform for users to share their opinions.

Trustpilot Ltd

Trustpilot Ltd is a leading online review platform that helps consumers make informed decisions by providing genuine and unbiased reviews from real customers. The company’s mission is to create a trustworthy and transparent online community where people can share their experiences and opinions about businesses. Trustpilot’s innovative technology and commitment to authenticity have made it a trusted source for millions of consumers around the world. Trustpilot Ltd is dedicated to promoting trust and accountability in the digital marketplace, making it an essential tool for both consumers and businesses alike.


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  • ✅ Excellent customer service: provides topnotch customer support, ensuring that all inquiries and concerns are addressed promptly and efficiently.
  • ✅ Wide range of services: From home services to professional services, offers a diverse selection of service providers to cater to various needs and preferences.
  • ✅ Transparent pricing: Customers can easily compare prices and services on, making it convenient to find the best deal for their budget.
  • ✅ Userfriendly platform: The website is easy to navigate, allowing users to browse and book services with ease and convenience.
  • ✅ Reliable reviews: features authentic and verified reviews from real customers, helping users make informed decisions when choosing a service provider.


  • ❌ The customer service response time is slow and unresponsive
  • ❌ Many reviews are suspected to be fake or paid for
  • ❌ lacks transparency in the review process
  • ❌ Some businesses manipulate their ratings by reporting negative reviews
  • ❌ The platform does not effectively address and resolve customer complaints


Trustpilot removed my negative reviews about a business, claiming I had to prove via email to them my personal data to have my review reinstated. I gave them proof of the email correspondence between myself and the faulty business , then they claimed there was an issue with my review. They took my legit review down. I’m sure they have been bribed financially by the business I reviewed. Do not be afraid to report Trustpilot to your local authorities after they forcibly collect your personal data and remove your legit review content. Trustpilot is untrustworthy. Absolute scam company.

Music Events

They remove reviews and suspend you if a company pays them to do so. They hide behind a ‘bot’. If your review is removed they say the bot did it. You can’t contest this – oh no, the ‘bot’ is all powerful and displays almost god-like powers.


I liked sharing my views via Trustpilot, and getting what I thought was a fair representation of other customers’ experiences. But when all of my positive reviews were accepted without question and two-thirds of my (legimitate and verifiable) negative reviews were questioned and ultimately removed something smelt off. I won’t even take Trustpilot with a pinch of salt now and have deleted all my positive reviews to redress the balance. I’ve also learnt not to trust any company that only appears on Trustpilot given my experience of the pressure the company seems able to bring to bear on Trustpilot. What a sad state of affairs in my opiniong, never again.

Fin Ster

They need to be body slammed out of business. My experience echo’s Black Birds. So I won’t deal in diplomacy and believing the best . Cause I believe the system is deliberately crooked and they invalidate the experience of the vast majority in a concise and underhanded way . I also got the couldn’t authenticate. F your review and all they offered was a link to click on. However these emails and the closed door appeal process are bot generated. Trust Pilot seems to want to extrapolate as much data as they can from users. What’s troubling is that they allow a lot of anti Black reviews to stand . Check out their page on the BBC which they seem to have a far right bias against , every other review on that page is a racist rant. You’ll see similar patters on other review pages . Hate Pilot is a better description of this manipulative company . When they are not deleting reviews they are hiding and obscuring ones that challenge the injustice of a company or institution . They only want simple unintelligible rants to dominate the views as a pose to constructive analytical or considerate reviews . The majority of successful submissions would fall under the category of rant . In the main the site is free from reviews and seems to go to war with people who try and review something. By utilising some of the methods I mentioned. I hope to play a part in hurting this company very badly one day they have wasted a lot of my time , I took care and submitted fair and well argued reviews . I believe my reviews would have received better approval from other users If Hate Pilot was not obsessed with censorship and driving content down to engage and embolden the lowest common denominator. It appears the only people who can Trust this Hateful Pilot of censorship and cultural ignorance are the rich old parasites hanging on and hopping to keep future generations ignorant and unhealthy . We need to lock at ways of disabling their main accounts and tools .

wild 72

Scam company–removed my review, even though it was 100% legit and based on recent experiences. Also I told them the other positive reviews this company had were made by Chat GPT and obviously not real because the english was too corny, praiseworthy and just ridiculous!



As an independent reviewer, I must say that is a platform that truly values customer feedback and reviews. The platform allows users to share their experiences with various service providers, helping others make informed decisions.

What makes stand out from other review platforms? stands out due to its user-friendly interface, robust review verification process, and commitment to ensuring genuine feedback from customers.

How reliable are the reviews on

The reviews on are reliable as the platform has strict guidelines in place to verify the authenticity of reviews and prevent fake or biased feedback.

Can businesses manipulate their reviews on

No, businesses cannot manipulate their reviews on as the platform has measures in place to detect and remove any fraudulent activity or attempts to influence ratings.

Is a trustworthy platform for consumers?

Yes, is a trustworthy platform for consumers as it prioritizes transparency, authenticity, and fairness in all reviews and ratings displayed on the site.

How can users benefit from using

Users can benefit from using by gaining insights into the reputation and quality of service providers, making informed decisions, and sharing their own experiences to help others in the community.

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